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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 6, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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independents." for matt welch and kmele foster, i'm kennedy. good night.obbs is next. keep it here on fox business. lou: good evening, everyone. the story of sergeant bergdahl has captivated millions this week. that the military commanders and democratic politicians have been urging us not to rush to judgment until the military specifically understand and gathers everything that we can learn about his alleged desertion and the reasons why. most of them have been in the public arena for two years. two years to the day tomorrow.
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it was published on june 7, 2012. the hastings article detailed a majority of the claims we heard rumored this week and michael is the same journalist was killed under some vicious circumstances a year ago this month in a single car accident in los angeles. and there are new developments tonight, reasons for new reflection on the events that led to his death. witnesses say that his brand-new mercedes-benz coupe began sponneously before hitting a palm tree on the 18th of june last year. earlier that day he had confided to friends that he believed he was being investigated by the fbi. investigated because of his reporting, a report that led to president obama's decision to
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fire stanley mcchrystal, who is the commanding general of all the u.s. forces in the afghanistan war. some reports at the time of the crash referenced the claim about the fbi brian shapiro and others prove otherwise. the mit students turned up an fbi document that singles out the reporting on sergeant bergdahl and his unprecedented access to the family. the fbi labeled the report as controversial. not only detailing his discontent with the military, but also highlights the negotiations with the taliban for his release and hastings was
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passed in. u.s. officials have offered to swap five of the 3000 afghan prisoners being held by american forces. and they began to gravitate away from the unit. they spent more time with the afghans than they did with the platoon. his father recalling that time would later describe this as psychologically isolated and hastings wrote this. >> in the early morning hours of june 30, according to soldiers in the unit, he approached his team leader on after he got off guard duty and asked his superior a simple question. if i were to leave the base, would it cause problems if i
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took my sensitive equipmen he was referring to his my vision goggles and his weapon. among his sources, all of whom were forced to sign nondisclosure agreements by the army in regard to bergdahl's disappearance and the subsequent rescue efforts. his parents who claim that they were pressured by the pentagon as well and the nsa to avoid the media, and to keep quiet. time to take a look at the coincidences here. we will be talking with the former army sergeant who served alongside bergdahl in the first battalion 101st infantry regiment. also tonight california's experience in on unusual surge of earthquakes. we will be talking with john
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rundle about whether these earthquakes are a sign of greater danger ahead and whether it is with current technology at all possible to predict an earthquake. the obama administration extraordinary effort has many wondering whether the president can make it public plea to free him. although he is not a prisoner of war, he served two tours of duty in afghanistan. he is suffering systematic stress disorder and his friends say he is being tortured in prison and he has been threatened with rape and death. he has spent 67 days in prison. president obama has not uttered his name.
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the white house insists the release of those five taliban terrorist will now pose a threat to the united states due to our miliry capability. this after a taliban commander said the group is emboldened after the success in the bergdahl deal. >> we had originally been dealing with that if it becomes an issue. lou: i want to start first with the pressing reporting of michael hastings back in 2012. the facts and the elements of that article are superb reporting.
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and that was an exemplary piece of reporting, don't you think? >> what is so interesting is that yes, it's an amazing article. and senior officers for years have known the story and most of the story was not classified. and this includes swapping have the money and finally swapping for this taliban dream team eventually came to pass.
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and it is known to virtually everyone. >> the suggestion on the part of some general officers, the insistence on the part of the administration, that there are no apologies required here and this is a straightforward proposition that the americans should apply. >> i have to tell you something. i've been on fox for 13 years and i've covered everything from this and have never in 13 years seen the outcry that i have seen here. so the idea that somehow this is a surprise or the idea that the administration was done, not the people in washington that the
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american people are saying about this are saying that maybe the administration didn't really understand this connection that the american people have with t comes out of. young soldiers after five long years after being told to keep quiet and the disconnect that exists frankly between the pentagon and the white house. so that someone can come forward and say they can walk forward and do this. >> i have to tell you that i scratch my head and i look at possibilities. that could effectively rationalize the president's decision including how he would
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played a double game. >> the bottom line is that this has been such an act pr disaster and more importantly it is a worldwide disaster, particularly in the islamic world and there are people celebrating the release of these four-star taliban leaders. people are saying that the united states is already beginning it's a call from afghanistan. and not only in the media and from my general officer friends, i hear it from middle america as well. it's not just generals that are upset about this but the american people.
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lou: thank you so much, as always. the question on a lot of minds today in this country, would president obama come face-to-face with vladimir putin? d-day ceremonies in france. the answer is yes. they spent about 15 minutes, they talked about the situation in the ukraine, we are told. earlier in the day they were trying to avoid one another. both leaders were set apart and they ignored each other at the official photo op even though they were walking back and president obama could have tapped him on the shoulder as they went by one another. as for developments come in the white house as the president obama made it clear that russia must recognize the new president-elect as the
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legitimate leader of ukraine. they did not talk about crimea at all. it appearsto be a fait accompli. president obama talking about the conversation including plans to discuss cease-fire in the coming days and a 94-year-old world war ii veteran overcoming serious obstacles to attend today's d-day events in france. he was stationed at pearl harbor at the time of the attack and he was then able over the course of that year of that war to be present to storm the beaches of normandy 70 seven years ago today. but it didn't have the proof of citizenship needed for a passport. he got some help from social media and his local congressman mo brooks. he is able to take the oath of
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citizenship and hop a plane to france. they say it doesn't compare because there wasn't anybody shooting at him, and there were a lot of people shooting at him and the others that day on d-day. shooting into normandy. and now the word of the evening, grateful. grateful for those who gave their lives. seventy years ago today in normandy. grateful for the opportunity to show that we are worthy of their sacrifice and service, and all who followed them. we are coming right back. lou: the longest day. president obama and vladimir putin spent the 70th anniversary of d-day trying to avoid each other in normandy.
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cuz sleepiq™ technology tells you. and all you have to do is sleep. which is easy. only at a sleep number store, mattresses with sleepiq start at just $999.98 because everyone deserves a great night's sleep. know better sleep with sleep number. lou: we want to continue to analyze about bergdahl exchange for five taliban terrorists. what we are learning about in washington dc in the direction of this country, joining us is worn socks, a political reporter with the u.s. news and world report. michael goodwin, fox news contributor. let me start if i may.
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specifically michael hastings. >> i think one of the reasons is that very early on in the white house has been very careful to defend its decision. in this information about leak out slowly, they are not back in the united states. lou: that is not always a remote concern for this white house and this exchange. >> certainly this has exposed a lot of territory for the white house. lawmakers on capitol hill ha been outraged about this. even senator dianne feinstein has said that she really wishes
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of the white house would've made congress aware previous to this exchange. so it's created a lot of this on both sides of the aisle. >> two years later, talk about this extraordinary report. >> live in congress jump on that at the time and demand answers in hastings knew not, why didn't congress know that?
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so my hats off to the rolling stone. they did an incredible job here. michael hastings, he nailed it. >> if the white house knew any of this, and they certainly should have invaded and, how much was out there, what was known about bergdahl, why did they try to re-create a template where the day of victory, a day of celebration so the president does in the rose garden, susan rice goes and says he served with honor and distinction. and then the white house begins to say that his health was in danger. >> none of these things, they never appear to be true right now. so the white house is going to be constantly on the defense -ntil they get their story straight. >> are we to ever expect truth from this administration?
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and what should we expect of them? >> i think this administration, the president has defended that decision partly because they knew how complicated this was going to be in terms of the rollout. >> so there is a discussion that has to happen about what is owing to be the reaction on capitol hill. always with the white house wasn't telling members of congress what they were proposing to do. so i think that was part of the decision-making process. >> whatever the explanation, it can look foolish, known as celebrating this, his own hometown cancel the welcome home ceremony. >> yes, that is sad. >> out of the white house not anticipate any of this, or did they think that they could just get away with that? the whole idea saying that they served with honor and distinction when they were written reports that he had deserted. >> and then ried haplessly and
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embarrassingly to try to justify her word only bringing into context one of them which was a lamer each and the other she dismissed? >> guess, just because he enlisted voluntarily, that is an honorable thing to do, but that's not what they said originally. she said that they serve with honor and distinction in this is a deserter. imagine yourself one of the colleagues of you know the truth and here is the president and the secretary or the chief security advisor, saying these things. it makes you sick because you know the truth. >> to be a scandal, the way in which the veterans are being treated. how you must feel that the young men died going after a man who right now, all evidence squarely
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, at the white house in which we are the commander in chief, who question his loyalty to them and to their country. this is a horrible day to even reflect on the circumstances. >> yes, the day of all days. matt thank you very much,. >> thank you. lou: it is time for a look at our online poll. the us what you believe president obama is driving the migration of illegal immigrant children across our southern borders. 96% he replied yes. poll question tonight, 70 years after d-day, do you believe we are still winning? and president obama giving late-night host a lot of material to work with this week. here is jimmy kimmel and his take on the president video. >> fitness experts have been
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criticizing the president's forum. he is even taking it under the chin from foreign leaders. [laughter] [inaudible] [laughter] lou: we are coming right back. lou: california come a rising number of earthquakes and the west coast is onedge, seismologists professor from uc seismologists professor from uc davis, went in the net big one
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burst. cheese joins us tonight and we will find out what hot he is thinking. also serving in afghanistan with bergdahl. and tells us about his views of the man that was traded for five taliban terrorists. of you -- as you may have noticed things and not looking for most americans not talking about job for wealth creation battle lot of improvement there as well. i am talking about our federal government it may surprise you that a government does not work. is hardly works out also why am i so excited about the federal government that does not work and creates more problems daley banat fix is? but it is becoming clear our government is about to get smaller. i said smaller. because it is no evidence
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that at some .38 plan dash reasonably soon we will have to constrain the size of the federal government but reduce the size not because of ideology or a partisan view or a clever political election result or publicly insightful politician who decided the uprooted responsible fiscal policy is critical to the nation's future but simply because our government has grown so fast and expensive and expensive and complex and employees did so many people there is no way to understand it to measure or count its parts. policies and people and programs are almost as bad or worse, or measure the success or failure of any one of those things that make up the endless mindless
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and hapless federal government. we're now told by that government and that we owe $17.5 trillion. we have to take their word for that. one of the many parts of government is the of cbo that is a federal agency created in 1970 york -- in 1974 to perform one task to provide information to congress. and the people that run the cbo is acknowledged and admitted to they cannot do the job or it can no longer your school or obamacare impact on the federal budget and the deficit. because the law is not implemented as written and many provisions at least in the view of the cbo are too
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complicated to figure out or keep track of. so it is giving up, quitting and surrendering and many other federal agencies may soon be following the example. as we reported a humanitarian crisis on our borders overwhelming border patrol, tells those pahang of the vacant trolled children are left on the doorstep that is struggling to cope and to divert attention from the security mission to protect the border to keep the criminals of of the heartland. they acknowledged they cannot do its job the cbo and other agencies are not so brave for august because whether they want to the agency's are now cuing up
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for a tremendous downsizing the greatest restructuring and all of his weather noticed or not. that is not happening overnight door without action from the the id disbelieving left but clearly it is under way. with a quotation of the evening a message from the cbo border patrol and the obama is a frustration of the 70th anniversary of d-day other than winston churchill who said it is not enough that we do our best someme we must do what is required. and as this country must if we are to achieve the nation's promise. we are coming right back.
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>> the bergdahl exchange some of those who served with him say he deserted and should have not been traded for five terrorists. he served with him in the infantry regiment and he is our guest next. (mother vo) when i was pregnant... i got more advice than i knew what to do with. what i needed was information i could trust on how to take care of me and my baby. luckily, unitedhealthcare has a simple program that helps moms stay on track with their doctors and get the right care and guidance-before and after the baby is born. simple is good right now. (anncr vo) innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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lou: my next guest served as us team leader with sergeant bergdahl he had walked away from almost the moment it happened and he says bergdahl is a deserter jordan is now are resurgent and it is great to have you now a full-time student working full time studying engineering? good to have you with us. i just have to ask, you knew from the moment it happened?
10:37 pm
>> yes, sir. right away i got the call in the morning asking if he was up that the machine gun position on the hill with four or five guys no. why are you asking? you could see people down below frantically searching he is missing. 10 or 15 minutes with the pushout patrols there were two kids so right then and there we pretty much that he had deserted us. lou: how long did you know him? river just under one year. >> did you have a suspicion? >> i would never think that
10:38 pm
of of fellow man in arms especially in a platoon but it just shocked us a. >> game and didn't close quarters with a remote outpost in it was not evenqó@ permanent. >> no. use the trucks. lou: were you taking fire? >> no. lou: how many missions did you carry out? >> it is hard to say there were missions almost every day there was a staging area lou: had you taken casualty's that your? >> not in our platoon but the company did.
10:39 pm
>> and the idea it was not expected yet every betty seems toé-dvc deserted. reports he had stacked his body armor, his weapon, and i believe his night-vision goggles. is that correct? >> when to take minimal supplies water, no book, compass, and walked off. lou: you have heard all of the talk about bergdahl and also hurt us report not "rolling stone" reported there would be a swap that was the plan five taliban terrace for bergdahl two years ago you have for the article i know.
10:40 pm
>> it makes me angry but if i was captured i went not to expect them to release prisoners just to get me back and i don't think any of their servicemen would either. >> to the degree of you can speak about them with your comrades in arms with five extremely dangerous terrorist for of man at this point looks like he deserted >> there is the of uneasy feeling with too many uncertainties to feel good about the deal. lou: you have heard from a couple officers saying that we know the facts the
10:41 pm
military the state department for least four years and to get it went ahead? any thoughts? >> i don't understand it i don't think a lot of people do but and i wish they would not have at the same time they felt it was necessary but i do not agree with it. lou: we do know you would soldier on their respective and we appreciate your service. >> another record day on wall street the job situation cking up but peter chef says it is a matter of time before it crashes down. i will take that up with him next.
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lou:hx&fvgxd coming up to night figure of the california earthquake we will talk with a seismologist from uc-davis professor whether or not they can be predicted in and if so what is the hel? stock's closing about the weekend record highs struggle than expected jobs report 217,000 jobs to unemployment rate at 6.3%. but don't get comfortable says the ceo. good to have you with us. despite all the glories on wall street and in the stock market you remain negative with outlook?
10:46 pm
>> the stock market is of function of quantitative teasing but that same cheap money makes it impossible for the u.s. economy to create the jobs that most americans in need. we have regained the jobs that were lost since the beginning of the recession but not the same they pay a lot less than were destroyed and many are part-time jobs. not only are they earnings last but consumer prices have gone up quite a bit so for most people they see a big decline in the standard of living lou: there has been some bifurcation with unemployment and wealth that is troubling to all of us to want to see growth and prosperity returned to the middle-class sandy economy at large.
10:47 pm
what will be required in your judgment to restore that prosperity with job for wealth creation? >> the freight market is the only way to restore that the government has to do get out of the way unfortunately they will not allow that they're too concerned about propping up the stock market interfering with the legitimate recovery look at the label force -- labor force the participation rate at 62-point 8% is a law was in 35 years. so we have the huge group of unemployed americans lee barely created enough low-paying jobs. lou: and startling to all of us there are 7 million fewer
10:48 pm
e americans working today than when obama took office this is not reconciled or corrected imbalance that all. >> people say it is because of the retiring baby boomer. but a lot of older people are holding on to their jobs in many retirees are back in the work force the young people that cannot get jobs and some are so loaded up with college debt majoring in nothing to move package with their parents. >> your outlook this year? >> the economy continues to deteriorate with the surface but the whole thing is going to a dollar crisis to print so much money we will destroy the dollar in have a
10:49 pm
real crisis battle may after that to rehab betty hope to correct the problem but will not come from the government they have to get out of the way they have to restructure with savings and investment we cannot keep borrowing and spending and printing money it is a recipe for disaster. >> it is not often is that we agree. i a agree entirely. and listen to my french user reports three times the day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. california and it is experiencing earthquake frequencies not seen in 20 years we will talk to the latest seismologist on what the sport tell and if they are with current technology predictable. some say yes. next
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lou: i want to do get straight to john of a distinguished professor uc-davis in part of the earthquake simulation it is great to have you with us. these# southern california it has not been like this for two decades? is this even morez[7z activity? >> call we can do is look at the probability is we cannot predict events so essentially the mix of smaller earthquakes change
10:54 pm
more than we have been a long time we have had the of magnitude of three we did have the of it was on the fault which we do worry about. lou: this is near los angeles. >> it goes right under downtown los angeles and that is particularly dangerous. we did have that april for 20 than bob hawke california earthquake that was 7.two spee makes a you also get more empirical evidence than those before your generation to survey and analyze. what do you see with the areas that you think our most formidable or most in jeopardy across the united states? >> this interesting but
10:55 pm
right now it is oklahoma. because of the deep injection of the of fracking fluids know their buildings are not built to withstand earthquakes like ours are so they are quite times the biggest they have had was 5.six recently and that is worrisome. lou: is the fault lies in a new area or a different system? >> it is south of there but a continuation near mississippi with the same geological structure. >> you said it i a result of the objections from fracking. you believe that to be the case. what is your thinking abou the area? is it because it is a fall wine -- a fault line?
10:56 pm
>> not the fracking her say but the real injection of the of fluids into the formation. there is a fault that has pressure so the fluid forces it apart making it easy to slip. >> your last area of concern? are you more concerned with california the state or oklahoma and/or is there another area we should pay attention to as the most-active? >> the biggest is off the pacific northwest because they tsunami very similar to the japanese economy in 2011. there was no evidence to suspect that will let go but it has been 300 years.
10:57 pm
lou: date you for being with us. i wish we had more time i will need to you take this up in small doses i hope you come back. >> just go to the open
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neil: what does it say about the deal when the bad guys say it is good for them? welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. into this was a matter of time. you get one of the us suppose of the good that people would start talking. but consider this from a top taliban insurgent talking to time magazine editor. >> it is better to kidnap one person then hundreds of useless people and goes on to say that not e


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